10 benefits in the United Kingdom for residents, investors or companies, related to housing:
  1. Housing Associations: UK Housing Associations are not-for-profit organizations that build and manage affordable housing for people who cannot afford private housing. Residents can obtain affordable housing through these associations. (Housing association)
  2. Financial help: Residents can get financial help to buy a home through the British government, such as the “Help to Buy” scheme, which offers buyers loans for up to 20% of the property value.
  3. Affordable Mortgages: UK banks and building societies offer affordable mortgages for residents looking to buy a home. These mortgages typically have low interest rates and longer repayment terms.
  4. Building Insurance: Residents can obtain building insurance to protect their property in the event of damage, fire or other incidents. Sometimes the homes are supported by insurance that includes maintenance. More than a hundred housing support entities can be seen on the government page “Registered providers of social housing”.
  5. Government rehabilitation programmes: The British government offers rehabilitation programs to help residents improve their homes, such as the Green Homes Grant renewable energy programme.
  6. Long-term leasing: Residents can rent properties on a long-term basis, giving them housing security and allowing them to plan for the long term.
  7. Shared purchase: Residents can purchase part of a property through the “shared purchase” scheme and then pay rent for the rest of the property.
  8. Real estate investment: Investors can buy property in the UK and earn an income through renting or reselling the property.
  9. Tax Deduction: Homeowners can deduct mortgage expenses and the costs of repairing and maintaining their property from their taxes.
  10. Home rentals: Homeowners can rent their properties through government programs such as the “Guaranteed Rental Scheme”, which guarantees payment of rent to owners.
In short, the United Kingdom offers a wide range of housing-related benefits for residents, investors and businesses. From financial help and affordable mortgages to housing associations and government rehabilitation programmes, the British Government strives to ensure that all citizens have access to suitable housing.